Vikesland flood update – new airforce photos and Molossian aid.

One of the main hiways entering the city of Brandon. Aquadams are keeping it open. photo by Adam Sobkow, Ebrandon.

On May 11th, the Vikeslandic airforce once again took to the air to survey the situation and see what the extent of the flood area has grown too.

The evacuated area where the Vikesland Embassy is. Dikes hold back about 12 feet of water. Photo by Adam Sobkow, ebrandon.

Evacuated areas were looked over to see whether or not any water had seeped into it. The City of Brandon, the military fo Canada and emergency services have done an excellent job and the area that the embassy is in is still dry. City construction crews are optimistic that the new dike precautions will in fact hold the water until it has subsided. Original estimates of when people can be let back into the evacuated areas were optimistic and new dates of return may in fact be the first week of June. 

The King of Vikesland, King Christopher has been in communication with President Baugh of Molossia. The President and First lady of Molossia have put together an aid package with essential items during a crisis like this.

Some of the Molossian flood aid items sent to Vikesland.

This makes Molossia the second Micronation to come help Vikesland in this trying time. king Christopher had this to say: “It’s history in the making! I believe this to be the first time in history where a Micronation has found itself in a natural disaster situation and has had other Micronations send physical items of aid to help. I thank both Calsahara and Molossia for what they have done. Every little bit helps when something like this happens. This is awesome and definitely will help cement how our nation will respond to other micronations in similar problem situations like this in the future.”

The flood water is still incredibly high and will likely remain as such for another two weeks.

Houses have sandbag dikes surrounding them as the water rises. photo by Adam Sobkow, ebrandon.

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Vikesland Embassy evacuated!

Crews on 18th st. reinforcing the temporary dike.

In the early morning hours of May 9th, the Vikesland security force was called in to conduct an emergency evacuation of the Brandon Royal Embassy. On the advice of Emergency services workers in Brandon, the King ordered the embassy to be evacuated immediately. The Vikesland security forces showed up with transport vehicles and manpower and began to clear out all essential items. By 6 o’clock central time, the Embassy was cleared and locked down. The King and Queen have taken up temporary residence in the house of Duke and Duchess Wutke.

Press photo of King Christopher of Vikesland.

The King had this to say: ” The situation near the Embassy is dire. The flood waters continue to rise as rain pours down and creates a bigger problem. The Embassy had to be evacuated in case of a catastrophic breach in the nearby dike. Everything is well and the good men and women working their butts off to keep the water at bay is exemplary. I have been informed that the Canadian government is now giving financial flood aid and we thank them for their help both with the military and money. If the dike buildup is succesful we anticipate being back in the Embassy by May 21st.”

City crews are building up the dike as fast as they humanly can in hopes of stopping a catastrophe. More news to come as the situation unfolds.

The scene four blocks directly across the river from the Vikesland Royal Embassy.

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Vikesland flood update – Canadian army called in.

Dike inside Brandon

Water fast approaching the top of the dikes. Phot courtesy of ebrandon.

May 8th saw the assiniboine river in Brandon, Manitoba Canada where the Vikesland royal Embassy is located, raise quickly and to the top of existing dikes. Canadian authorities have declared a state of emergency. Vikesland officially declared a state of emergency days ago, enacting security and flood fighting measures. The Prime Minister of Canada has standing orders for the Canadian army to deploy into Brandon to help with the emergency. Canadian soldiers will be helping raise the existing dikes quickly and controlling roadways clogged with “flood tourists” blocking critical construction and emergency vehicles. King Christopher was reached for comment.

Press photo of King Christopher of Vikesland.

“The situation has reached dire preportions. The dikes are nearly overtaken near the Embassy and the danger now has become very real. I applaud the Canadian Prime minister with his decision to send in the Canadian army to help. I only pray it was not to late.”

More rain is falling in Brandon and is expected to continue until wednesday May 11th. This coinciding with the coming crest of the river will make building up the dikes again a race against time. Canadian authorities have declared the area in which the Vikesland royal embassy is in, under evacuation notice. This means that the area could be evacuated at any moment.

Updates to come as more information is presented.

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King of Vikesland releases emergency broadcast speech.

King of Vikesland Emergency broadcast video

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Vikesland flooding still on the rise

Assiniboine river

The assiniboine river, 2 blocks from the Embassy when it first stared to flood. The sign is visible.

Current water levels and still rising. The sign is now submerged.

Flooding issues with the Assiniboine river that runs through the city of Brandon, the city that hosts the Vikesland Royal Embasssy, is still rising. Initial reports that the river crest was supposed to be over the Easter weekend did not happen. The river did indeed keep rising and is still doing so as of this story release. To make matters worse a freak snowstorm dumped a few inches of snow on the already water logged area.

Parks and fields near the river have become lakes.

The snow which fell is now mostly melted with the water dumping into the river. This will raise the water level even higher.

Earlier last week the Kingdom of Calsahara sent aid in the form of Sandbags which were immediately used to shore up a failing super sandbag in a dike near the Asssiniboine river. The Vikesland government is thankful for the help.

Dikes containing the river have held up relatively well considering the water pressure and are at near maximum ability to hold back the water. The crest is now expected to happen May 11th – 14th with hopes it will subside with little issues in regards to the dikes.

Updates will continue as the water keeps rising.

Vikesland Security force personnel filled the sandbags and placed them as required..

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Vikesland Airforce surveys flooding- Flood 2011 update.

Security force aerial photo of the new lakes formed by the winding Assiniboine river.

April 14th had the Vikesland security force air division take to the air over the flooded Assiniboine river. The Vikesland Royal embassy in Brandon is situated 2 blocks from the Assiniboine and is currently protected by a dike. The mission was to take pictures of the flooding and to ascertain whether any ice jams could form nearby and artificially raise the water level over the height of the dike.

First street in brandon now crossing a lake instead of a river.

So far none nearby have been spotted however ice jams occuring many miles down river can have dire consequences.

Currently the Vikesland Security forces are on full alert and ready to step in should any immediate danger from the flood arise. Vikesland has also received word from its staunch ally, Calsahara, who has just recently pledged flood aid in the form of sand bags to Vikesland. The sandbags are expected to arrive in the next couple days. Prince Elgin, acting minister of the Interior, was reached for comment. “It’s nice to see our Micronational allies lend us support, even if it is just in the form of encouraging words. We especially thank King Montague of Calsahara for rallying the Corps. of engineers behind us in this time of emergency. We have confidence that the dike will not breach, but better safe than sorry.”

The Assiniboine is expected to peak during the Easter weekend so flood watch will continue until the water has subsided.

A building in a public park, half submerged by the flood water.

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Vikesland declares official state of Emergency

Assiniboine river

The assiniboine river, 2 blocks from the Embassy has swallowed up a small dam.

Today in a press conference, the government of Vikesland has declared an official state of emergency due to flooding threats becoming imminent. The Assiniboine river has just begun to overflow its banks in areas that are not diked. The Assiniboine river is the main water tributary that runs through the city of Brandon, where Vikeslands Embassy is located. The Embassy is situated only but 2 blocks from the river. This area has seen emergency dikes raised and emergency water pumping stations set up to hold back the water when it rises to critical levels.

Super sandbagging

A super sandbag dike was erected along 1st street, 5 blocks from the Embassy.

Emergency diking and crews have been at work through out the city of Brandon making sure that occupied areas and main roadways are protected from the imminent rise in flood water. King Christopher addressed those in attendance.

Press photo of King Christopher of Vikesland.

” Today I have the unpleasant task of issuing an official state of emergency for Vikesland. Flooding has begun to happen around us and the river is now bursting its banks in areas. I urge all Vikeslandic citizens that are living in the flood zone to please prepare emergency kits in case of sudden water levels rising and imminent evacuation. Clothes, water and non-perishable food items that can cover a minimum 72 hour period should be kept handy.”

Outside of the city of Brandon, overland flooding and the swelling of small creeks and rivers has begun its rampage of destruction.

Flooding near the Town of Douglas

A highway that leads into Douglas is closed off due to flooding.

The town of Douglas found itself  knee deep in water yesterday as the overflow from a nearby wetland overflowed from all the access water. Highways have been closed and some roads have been washed out. Vikesland proper is fortunately situated much higher in the foothills and therefore has seen very little overland flooding to date. However, the Ministry of the Interior is under alert as the snow up in the mountain melts, creating more water than can drain off in a short time.

Washed out road

A road south of Brandon is washed out as floodwater carves it way through.

The Assiniboine river is expected to be at its peak level during the Easter weekend and the situation will be monitored via strategic live webcams on the national website.

flooded park

A recreational park near the river is starting to fill with water.

Flooded field
A field is flooded as the Assiniboine river has started to overflow in undiked areas. The river is on the otherside of the far treeline.

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