Vikesland Airforce surveys flooding- Flood 2011 update.

Security force aerial photo of the new lakes formed by the winding Assiniboine river.

April 14th had the Vikesland security force air division take to the air over the flooded Assiniboine river. The Vikesland Royal embassy in Brandon is situated 2 blocks from the Assiniboine and is currently protected by a dike. The mission was to take pictures of the flooding and to ascertain whether any ice jams could form nearby and artificially raise the water level over the height of the dike.

First street in brandon now crossing a lake instead of a river.

So far none nearby have been spotted however ice jams occuring many miles down river can have dire consequences.

Currently the Vikesland Security forces are on full alert and ready to step in should any immediate danger from the flood arise. Vikesland has also received word from its staunch ally, Calsahara, who has just recently pledged flood aid in the form of sand bags to Vikesland. The sandbags are expected to arrive in the next couple days. Prince Elgin, acting minister of the Interior, was reached for comment. “It’s nice to see our Micronational allies lend us support, even if it is just in the form of encouraging words. We especially thank King Montague of Calsahara for rallying the Corps. of engineers behind us in this time of emergency. We have confidence that the dike will not breach, but better safe than sorry.”

The Assiniboine is expected to peak during the Easter weekend so flood watch will continue until the water has subsided.

A building in a public park, half submerged by the flood water.

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Vikesland declares official state of Emergency

Assiniboine river

The assiniboine river, 2 blocks from the Embassy has swallowed up a small dam.

Today in a press conference, the government of Vikesland has declared an official state of emergency due to flooding threats becoming imminent. The Assiniboine river has just begun to overflow its banks in areas that are not diked. The Assiniboine river is the main water tributary that runs through the city of Brandon, where Vikeslands Embassy is located. The Embassy is situated only but 2 blocks from the river. This area has seen emergency dikes raised and emergency water pumping stations set up to hold back the water when it rises to critical levels.

Super sandbagging

A super sandbag dike was erected along 1st street, 5 blocks from the Embassy.

Emergency diking and crews have been at work through out the city of Brandon making sure that occupied areas and main roadways are protected from the imminent rise in flood water. King Christopher addressed those in attendance.

Press photo of King Christopher of Vikesland.

” Today I have the unpleasant task of issuing an official state of emergency for Vikesland. Flooding has begun to happen around us and the river is now bursting its banks in areas. I urge all Vikeslandic citizens that are living in the flood zone to please prepare emergency kits in case of sudden water levels rising and imminent evacuation. Clothes, water and non-perishable food items that can cover a minimum 72 hour period should be kept handy.”

Outside of the city of Brandon, overland flooding and the swelling of small creeks and rivers has begun its rampage of destruction.

Flooding near the Town of Douglas

A highway that leads into Douglas is closed off due to flooding.

The town of Douglas found itself  knee deep in water yesterday as the overflow from a nearby wetland overflowed from all the access water. Highways have been closed and some roads have been washed out. Vikesland proper is fortunately situated much higher in the foothills and therefore has seen very little overland flooding to date. However, the Ministry of the Interior is under alert as the snow up in the mountain melts, creating more water than can drain off in a short time.

Washed out road

A road south of Brandon is washed out as floodwater carves it way through.

The Assiniboine river is expected to be at its peak level during the Easter weekend and the situation will be monitored via strategic live webcams on the national website.

flooded park

A recreational park near the river is starting to fill with water.

Flooded field
A field is flooded as the Assiniboine river has started to overflow in undiked areas. The river is on the otherside of the far treeline.

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Vikesland foreign minister releases statement on MLF terror.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Kingdom of Vikesland.

Press photo, Minister of Foreign Affairs Vikesland.

We condemn this recent incursion upon sovereign Vikeslandic land by the MLF. We also condemn their feeble attempt to dictate our Foreign policy through trying to force the Kingdom of Vikesland to bow to terror.

What the MLF should have known was that our security measures were already increased since the last incursion by the MLF occurred. And we will now complete our increased security measures even further.

Our Intelligence Agents are working intensely towards catching the persons on all levels who are responsible for the evil events of the 3rd of April. We now have a picture of a suspect. And we will also work towards the arrest of the MLF masterminds who have so intently wasted their time and energies planning these doomed attempts.

And what a great job our K-9, Toby, did to thwart any further damage. We are so very proud of him!

Our policy remains the same towards Calsahara: Friendship and lasting diplomatic ties, unchanged.

The Kingdom of Vikesland refuses to negotiate with the MLF or with any group that advocates terrorism.

His Grace, Phil Halfhill
The Duke of Valkenburg
Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Kingdom of Vikesland

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Vikesland flood forecast worse than expected.

The latest data in regards to the coming flood situation for the Brandon Royal Embassy is worse than originally anticipated. With the unusually high amounts of snow fall added to an already high water table and over saturated soil, flooding will be extreme this spring thaw. As reported earlier, the city of Brandon, where the embassy is located, has undergone emergency measures in regards to enlarging and reinforcing dikes along the Assiniboine river. With the new flood data coming from provincial and american authorities predicting an even worse flood, the dikes now have to be raised from an original 3 feet extra to a whopping 9 feet extra. Brandon city crews are working frantically to get the dikes up to code and are working only 2 blocks from the Vikesland Embassy.

Brandon crews constructing Dike.

City crews are frantically building up the existing dike.

The Vikesland Ministry of the Interior has two plans of action in place should the Dikes breach. Sandbagging around the Embassy would be the first measure if the flood waters reach the building but are minimal in depth. However if the flood waters reach levels far beyond the capacity to hold it off with sandbagging then an emergency evacuation will take place, saving all important equipment and documentation from the embassy.

King Christopher of Vikesland spoke on this issue. “I won’t lie, I am a little stressed having to deal with this national emergency as well as the MLF incursions. All we can do is hope for the best and pray the Dike does not breach before the flood waters recede. If they do breach we will deal with it accordingly. I have been watching the city crews do an admirable job of trying to save parts of this city from drowning, perhaps medals may be in order for those folks when this mess is all done with.”

Flood watch continues in Vikesland proper as well with additional sump pumps being added to the basement of the Villa.

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MLF attacks Vikesland once more.

On Sunday April 3rd, the sovereign territory of Vikesland was once again violated when a single assailant of the Micronational Liberation Front broke into the newly renovated Trails end interior works building as well as cause the collapse of a bale stack.

The unknown individual gained entry into the Royal Villa yard by traversing through the Royal Nature preserve, entering from the Canadian border on the east side. They came through the border fence and headed east along bubbling broke then turning south up a hiking trail towards the Bale stack and the Interior works building. The individual removed a support pole holding large round bales up on a stack. This of course caused some of the bales to drop. They then forcibly opened the side door to the interior works building using a hammer to smash open the locked door knob. It appears this is as far as the individual had gotten due to the heroic efforts of Vikesland securities K9 unit affectionately known as Toby. King Christopher recounts the incident:

“As we were sitting in the State room enjoying drinks and fellowship, we heard Toby raising one heck of a ruckus outside. I could immediately tell that he was incredibly distressed and his growling bark indicated he was trying to fight something. Myself, Prince Elgin and Duke Wutke (Wat-key) threw on our boots and jackets and ran outside. I saw a male individual jump out of the Interior works building running back towards the Nature preserve. Thats when I noticed the bales had been collapsed. Toby was hot on the assailant’s heels, even biting into his pants and legs, in return receiving vicious kicks. The MLF agent jumped the fence and ran down the trail to bubbling brook, retracing his entry path, eventually escaping across into Canadian territory. I was unable to catch him before he disappeared across the canadian border. I had to call Toby back halfway through the chase as the assailant had some kind of hammer in hand and I did not want Toby to receive a crippling blow from it.”

Inside the Interior works building was found an envelope with a short letter in it. It reads:

“As promised, the Micronational Liberation front has once again violated Vikeslandic territory. You were asked to cut all ties with the Kingdom of Calsahara and to reclaim the Embassy you gave them. You refused and now you are reaping the rewards of that transgression. The Expansionist policy of the Calsaharan Government has once again swallowed up more territory by annexation. This is unacceptable to us and we will not stop until they cease these actions and return the land they annexed. Calshara will not be unaffected as their turn is coming very, very soon. Vikesland, consider this your last warning, denounce Calsahara and spare the possible future loss of buildings.”

A visibly angered King was asked what his reaction to the letter was.

“I am obviously very vexed by this. This is an obvious attempt at trying to play the Kingdom of Vikesland against the Kingdom of Calsahara. What Calasahara does is Calsaharas business. In my opinion their latest annexation of land was their prerogative. Besides its not like they took land from another micronation. This MLF group needs to be stopped and I am afraid they think they are untouchable. Yes, todays individual may have gotten away but what he didn’t realize is that we now have a picture of his face on security camera. Its now just a matter of time before he is caught by Vikesland security forces or Canadian Law enforcement authorities. I also warned the MLF to not wake the sleeping giant, it appears they wish it to rise and crush them. Well, they got their wish. After an emergency meeting tonight our Security budget is being doubled. This means reinforced fencing in key areas, the acquisition of a remote controlled camera plane more security cameras and increased patrols. A security review will be done to expose key areas that can exploited, such as the one used today. Mark my words, the next incursion will be thwarted and the individual/s will be arrested. We are also going to be helping bolster the Calsaharan Corps. of Engineers come spring with whatever help they request.”

The real hero of this story was guard dog Toby. As a reward he received an extra helping of supper and some doggy treats. New security measures are being enacted this month and the investigation continues.

*Story additional* It has been learned that the MLF has conducted a strike on a building in the Kingdom of Calsahara with spray paint. After a discussion between the two nations security forces, it was concluded that both attacks happened at around the same time, making this a co-ordinated and far reaching effort.

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King of Vikesland wins at film festival.

Sunday March 6th was the screening of King Christophers film “pocket Change”. The film, written produced and directed by his Majesty, starred citizens of Vikesland and was well recieved when screened. The screening was at the Winnipeg real to reel film festival that took place in the city of Winnipeg. “Pocket change” was entered into the Manitoba Challenge catagory and emerged victorious amongst a line-up of incredibly good short films.

“I am completely honored by this accolade!” The king said. “To be given an award such as this when all the other filmmakers are top calibre in talent is incredible. I hope that this a milestone for the Vikeslandic film industry breaking trail for other actors and directors in our nation.”

The winning film can be seen on the Internet movie database.

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Vikesland Interior works renovations complete.

The Vikesland Ministry of the interior has completed renovation work on Trails End Interior works building. The building had its main doorway replaced to an overhead door from a sliding door. The overhead door can now open and close by remote opener.

The roof and sides of the building were covered in Corrugated metal to increase the lifetime of the building as well as reduce any cosmetic maintenance, such as painting and shingle replacement. The trails end Interior works building serves three purposes which include storage, housing of all vehicles and equipment used as well as a horse stable in the rear of the complex.

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