King Christopher Decrees National Revamp!

In the last Couple of years the Government of Vikesland has slowly been in decline due absenteeism and the King breaking his back in 2016. King Christopher has decreed a revamp of Vikesland stripping away some of the serious, boring established political institutions most nations go by.

King Christopher had this to say of the catalyst.

Scan 3

King Christopher at MicroCon 2015

“It was a rough go for me for about 2 years. My back broke in early 2016 and I was out of commission for months. After my surgery I spent a good portion of 2017 getting back on my feet health wise and financially due to loss of work. The surgery was a complete success and I am 100% again.”

Vikesland will remain a kingdom but its constitution will be drastically changed and shortened to a more fun and to the point version that reflects the reality of daily operations in Vikesland.

King Christopher explained. “After things came to a near standstill it became very clear that I needed to enact a change. I needed to radically revamp our current system to something different, artist driven and non conforming in terms of political systems in use by others. I dissolved the current government and formed a new royal advisory council called Council of Metal. Part of the new theme of Vikesland is artistic expression and influence so the council reflects this in a fun way by titles that reflect aspects of metal music and filmmaking. Our image as well as mine will change to reflect this new outlook. I just got bored of convention and stuffiness like how I look in current pictures. In the next few months the changes will slowly roll out.”

The national website is also being changed to reflect the new attitude with new things coming in the next few months. One of the changes is going to be the national anthem. King Christopher who has rekindled his heavy metal musician roots will be writing and recording a new anthem entitled “Vikesland Rises”.

Citizenship is soon to be re-opened and will be accepting like minded people to come and join a new Vikesland to help it go in a new direction.

King Christopher is working towards garnering funding for a Micronation docu-series hoping to start production in August 2018. Plans for a web series/vlog of King Christophers adventures in Vikesland is also in the works. “I hope these new changes and efforts breathe new life into what will be a new empowered Vikesland.”


About Kingdom of Vikesland

King of Vikesland.
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