Vikesland news bytes

In late January of 2014, King Christopher travelled to Hollywood California on personal and professional business. While there he met with Grand Duke McHenry of Westarctica and visited over a fine cigar while talking about recent events in their nations. The two then went to meet with King Timothy of Shiloh in Anaheim California, at where else, Disneys magic Kingdom. With the McHenry royal entourage in tow the three men discussed the possibility of producing a Micronational reality series that centres on their respective nations. The meeting was fun and informative and had young Prince Nicholas building a stuffed bear.

Two days later King Christopher met once again with King Timothy of Shiloh and his personal assistant for a day of fun and serious conversation in Disneyland. King Christopher plans an official state visit to California and Molossia in 2015.

Winter was long and hard for Vikesland seeing record amounts of snow and freezing temperatures throughout what was supposed to be spring. The ministry of the interior was kept busy clearing snow from constant storms. Prince Elgin commented on the situation. “It was incredible how much bloody snow fell and blew into Vikesland proper, especially near the Royal Villa. The tractor equipment got a workout thats for sure!”

Snow storm creates massive drifts in Vikesland!

Snow storm creates massive drifts in Vikesland!

King Christopher was on hand to speak to the people of Kelwood who showed a public viewing of his documentary film called “Mayday on the mountain”. A film about four airforce trainees that crashed on a training mission about 7 miles from Vikesland in the wilderness of the Riding Mountain. The viewing went without a hitch and saw approx. 100 dvd copies of the film sold. The film is currently available for viewing on the MTS cable network.

Summer will see King Christopher and other citizens of the Kingdom begin production of various films for the MTS cable network as well as a feature horror film and reality TV series.


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Year long investigation concludes. Vikesland Information posting resumes.

After a year long conclusion of a major Investigation into possible treasonous acts in regards to the MLF (Micronational Liberation Front) threat, King Christopher has officially now let the flow of news information return.

“This long, tiresome but important investigation forced the hand of myself and the Vikeslandic security Intelligence service to stop important news information releases from being posted to the public. We became aware that a possible mole was at work inside our government ranks for the MLF. The stopping of information helped us figure out who was in fact leaking our information both public and classified. In order to quell any panic or dissent within our government workings we did not announce why we weren’t posting anything. It also helped keep a veritable tsunami of questions from other gov’ts and people from outside our nation from being unanswered.”

Press photo of King Christopher of Vikesland.

Press photo of King Christopher of Vikesland.

Recently that mole was banished from the Kingdom of Vikesland forever as was a dangerous threat to national security.

There have been as of late rumblings that the Kingdom of Vikesland collapsed and ceased. This is far from the truth.

News and other important media releases will now resume as usual.

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Vikesland news bites/MLF member arrested January 24th, 2012

The last few months have seen peace and prosperity for the Kingdom of Vikesland. With the nation fully recovered from the spring flooding disaster, the whole royal family has partaken in winter holidays this new year. The King and Queen of Vikesland relaxed at their rented Villa in the small village of Bucerias, Nayarit, Mexico. They enjoyed sunny hot weather the entire time they were there and enjoyed it with the Queens side of the family. King Christopher, taken with the area, was found perusing villas for sale.

Press photo of King Christopher of Vikesland.

King Christopher was heard saying this: “This place is perfect for a possible future acquisition of an embassy here in Mexico. This area is safe and friendly and a stones throw from the beach on the Bay of Banderas. I will be keeping a close eye on the real estate here and hope to acquire a villa here in the next couple of years.”

Prince Elgin and the Duke of Cayman

On the Kings side of the family, Prince Elgin once again flew to the Cayman islands where he stayed with his brother Greg, Duke of Cayman, and conducted diving exercises for the Vikesland navy. Prince Elgins experience as a woodsman came into play when he was requested to down a local rubber tree. The tree was taken down without incident and all parties involved had a good time.

Princess Evelyn and Princess Jolene flew south with family to the island nation of Jamaica to attend the wedding of the Kings cousin Kolita.

Recently in the new year, the King of Vikesland has been busy with his film and television producing career. He recently had a small TV series green lit for production by MTS television on demand.

Christopher directing.

King Christopher directing a scene in "A tell tale haunting".

On top of this, the King is producing and directing a feature film with the King of Calsahara this fall. The King has two more feature film projects in the works and will find himself busy for the next 2 years.

In December it was announced that the King may be attending the Polination conference in London, England this coming July. However with the latest developments in regarding the TV series, the King may not be able to attend due to scheduling conflicts. King Christopher had this to say: “While I am very happy with the recent developments in regards to my career as a producer, this may in fact conflict with my ability to attend the Polination conference in London. I will have to play things by ear and hopefully it works out that I can indeed get to that conference. I have been picking away at a micronational documentary for a very long time and find myself in the perfect position to get much needed interviews and video of intermicronational diplomacy and heads of state for it at this conference. I hope it all turns out.”

Evidence picture of the MLF break and enter.

Evidence picture of MLF break and enter.

It is very possible that the MLF threat, at least for the time being, has been lessened significantly. It was reported last year that the MLF conducted a couple of different attacks on Vikesland soil. One of those incidents produced a very clear security camera picture of the individual that perpetrated the crimes. That individual has been arrested by Canadian law enforcement near the town of Ste. Rose Manitoba, Canada. The individual has pleaded guilty to break and enter, vandalism and trespassing charges. Sentencing is scheduled in February of this year. The individual, who is by Canadian and Vikeslandic law a minor, cannot have his name released to the public. Foreign Affairs Minister and Royal Secretariat of Vikesland released this statement. “I would like to say that the capture of this individual is a blow against those that would harm Vikesland and her citizens. It also sends a message that you will be caught if you violate our peaceful nation with criminal acts. On January 22nd, a citizen of Vikesland spotted the individual and recognized them from the security photo. They then called the R.C.M.P. while trailing the individual. The police showed up and took the individual into custody without incident.”

The citizen hero who recognized the individual was asked about the affair but declined to make any statement and wished to remain anonymous. She requested that her name not be released due to fears of retaliation by the accused friends and fellow MLF members. she did however say that she would do it again if need be and that she was doing her job as a citizen to keep her Micronational country safe. The current rumor is that the King will create an award for citizens that commit acts of heroism like she did.

This month the Vikesland K9 unit of the Vikesland Security force just acquired another dog. Shadow, an elk hound german sheppard cross was purchased by the department of the interior to replace the loss of Vikeslands greatest canine protector, Ceazar. Ceazar passed away in 2010 due to age and a genetic debilitating spine ailment. The K9 unit is now back up to full compliment with Toby and rookie Shadow on the job.

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Vikesland Flood update – Evacuation ends, flood danger over.

On Sunday May 29th, the Vikeslandic security force deemed that any threat from possible flood waters have now passed. Water levels on the Assiniboine river have dropped significantly in the last week allowing the safe return of many brandon residents to their homes. King Christopher of Vikesland issued an immediate order to begin phase one of the re-patriation and occupation of the Brandon royal Embassy.

Press photo of King Christopher of Vikesland.

He had this to say, “I am extremely pleased to soon have the Royal Embassy up and running again, not to mention sleep in my own bed. All the work that was done and will continue to be done by the Vikesland Security force is second to none. I would also like to thank the Canadian officials who did a brilliant and tireless job of fighting this flood and saving countless residences and businesses within Brandon. The red cross also played a key role in helping people during this disaster and I thank them as well. This flood was a one in three hundred year flood, unprecedented in Vikeslands history and one for the record books. Work continues as the Embassy is now being cleaned and re-furnished by our security force and it will soon be business as usual.”

The Embassy will be back in operation by the end of this week, Security continues to be in place until then.

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Vikesland flood update – new airforce photos and Molossian aid.

One of the main hiways entering the city of Brandon. Aquadams are keeping it open. photo by Adam Sobkow, Ebrandon.

On May 11th, the Vikeslandic airforce once again took to the air to survey the situation and see what the extent of the flood area has grown too.

The evacuated area where the Vikesland Embassy is. Dikes hold back about 12 feet of water. Photo by Adam Sobkow, ebrandon.

Evacuated areas were looked over to see whether or not any water had seeped into it. The City of Brandon, the military fo Canada and emergency services have done an excellent job and the area that the embassy is in is still dry. City construction crews are optimistic that the new dike precautions will in fact hold the water until it has subsided. Original estimates of when people can be let back into the evacuated areas were optimistic and new dates of return may in fact be the first week of June. 

The King of Vikesland, King Christopher has been in communication with President Baugh of Molossia. The President and First lady of Molossia have put together an aid package with essential items during a crisis like this.

Some of the Molossian flood aid items sent to Vikesland.

This makes Molossia the second Micronation to come help Vikesland in this trying time. king Christopher had this to say: “It’s history in the making! I believe this to be the first time in history where a Micronation has found itself in a natural disaster situation and has had other Micronations send physical items of aid to help. I thank both Calsahara and Molossia for what they have done. Every little bit helps when something like this happens. This is awesome and definitely will help cement how our nation will respond to other micronations in similar problem situations like this in the future.”

The flood water is still incredibly high and will likely remain as such for another two weeks.

Houses have sandbag dikes surrounding them as the water rises. photo by Adam Sobkow, ebrandon.

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Vikesland Embassy evacuated!

Crews on 18th st. reinforcing the temporary dike.

In the early morning hours of May 9th, the Vikesland security force was called in to conduct an emergency evacuation of the Brandon Royal Embassy. On the advice of Emergency services workers in Brandon, the King ordered the embassy to be evacuated immediately. The Vikesland security forces showed up with transport vehicles and manpower and began to clear out all essential items. By 6 o’clock central time, the Embassy was cleared and locked down. The King and Queen have taken up temporary residence in the house of Duke and Duchess Wutke.

Press photo of King Christopher of Vikesland.

The King had this to say: ” The situation near the Embassy is dire. The flood waters continue to rise as rain pours down and creates a bigger problem. The Embassy had to be evacuated in case of a catastrophic breach in the nearby dike. Everything is well and the good men and women working their butts off to keep the water at bay is exemplary. I have been informed that the Canadian government is now giving financial flood aid and we thank them for their help both with the military and money. If the dike buildup is succesful we anticipate being back in the Embassy by May 21st.”

City crews are building up the dike as fast as they humanly can in hopes of stopping a catastrophe. More news to come as the situation unfolds.

The scene four blocks directly across the river from the Vikesland Royal Embassy.

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Vikesland flood update – Canadian army called in.

Dike inside Brandon

Water fast approaching the top of the dikes. Phot courtesy of ebrandon.

May 8th saw the assiniboine river in Brandon, Manitoba Canada where the Vikesland royal Embassy is located, raise quickly and to the top of existing dikes. Canadian authorities have declared a state of emergency. Vikesland officially declared a state of emergency days ago, enacting security and flood fighting measures. The Prime Minister of Canada has standing orders for the Canadian army to deploy into Brandon to help with the emergency. Canadian soldiers will be helping raise the existing dikes quickly and controlling roadways clogged with “flood tourists” blocking critical construction and emergency vehicles. King Christopher was reached for comment.

Press photo of King Christopher of Vikesland.

“The situation has reached dire preportions. The dikes are nearly overtaken near the Embassy and the danger now has become very real. I applaud the Canadian Prime minister with his decision to send in the Canadian army to help. I only pray it was not to late.”

More rain is falling in Brandon and is expected to continue until wednesday May 11th. This coinciding with the coming crest of the river will make building up the dikes again a race against time. Canadian authorities have declared the area in which the Vikesland royal embassy is in, under evacuation notice. This means that the area could be evacuated at any moment.

Updates to come as more information is presented.

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